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The IFCN Network

IFCN is offering win-win partnerships for:

- Dairy researchers
- Dairy related companies
- Dairy related institutions
- Dairy farmers
- Students

Dairy Report 2010

Our annual report is used as a standard reference book to understand global dairy trends and drivers. A must have for your strategic planning.

IFCN milk price indicator
June 2011
36.1 €/100kg arrow up
51.9 US-$/100kg arrow up
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IFCN feed price indicator
June 2011
23.3 €/100kg arrow middle
33.5 US-$/100kg arrow middle
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The latest news & dates

12th IFCN Dairy Conference in Kiel

16. Jun 2011
So far 91 countries participate in the annual IFCN work. These countries represent 97% of...  Read more »

IFCN Dairy Report 2010

30. Nov 2010
This year dairy researchers from 86 countries compiled the 11th IFCN Dairy Report, which...  Read more »

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