Dairy Sector & Country Page Analysis

To summarize the status and trends in the Dairy Sector the IFCN develops in each IFCN Dairy Report edition country pages for different countries. The main aim is the creation of a profile that is comparable among the countries.

In 2010, like at every other year, the IFCN Country Pages Analysis focused on the development of the dairy chains, and defined trends and drivers.

The results are shown for every country in Chapter 3 of the IFCN Dairy Report and are comparable among each other. In the IFCN Country Page Analysis 2010 86 countries are represented by the IFCN.

Dairy sector fact sheets, showing (example 2010):

  • Milk supply and demand developments
  • Milk prices in relation to the world market
  • Consumer prices and margins in the chain
  • Development of main demand drivers
  • Milk processing profiles
  • A list of 10 major processors.

Methods used:

Milk production: The IFCN database on milk production standardises milk to 4% fat and 3.3% protein using the energy corrected milk formula (ECM).
ECM formula: ECM milk = (milk production * (0.383 * % fat + 0.242 * % protein + 0.7832) / 3.1138)


In 2009, like every second year, the IFCN Country Page Analysis focuses in milk production figures. In 2008 focus is on the dairy sector development and the dairy chain figures. Main focus is put on the analysis of milk production, prices and consumption developments like:

  • farm gate price
  • input prices (e.g. feed, land, quota)
  • milk production (e.g. milk production, milk delievered, yield per cow)
  • milk consumption (e.g. per capita consumption, self sufficiency)
  • processing figures other data and calculated indicators
In the IFCN Dairy Report you find more Country Pages.
IFCN milk price indicator
July 2012
27.4 €/100kg arrow middle
33.7 US-$/100kg arrow middle
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IFCN feed price indicator
July 2012
31.0 €/100kg arrow up
38.2 US-$/100kg arrow up
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