IFCN Dairy Report 2014 out now! 17.Oct.2014

On October 16th, the IFCN has officially released its IFCN Dairy Report 2014.

This yearly report, the 15th of a very well appreciated series started in the year 2000, offers a compelling presentation of IFCN economic researches and analyses on the dairy world on a global and national level.

Key messages this year:

1.Global farm comparison of “typical farms”

-The average cost level decreased by 0.7 USD to 46.5 USD/100 kg ECM.

-Low cost and a record high milk price led to an improved profitability of dairy farms in 2013, especially in Middle East, Africa and CEEC.

2.Global monitoring of dairy economic indicators

-The combination of oversupply and low milk prices in 2012, high compound feed prices and weather anomalies in 2013 led to a 27% milk price level increase last year (50.6 USD/100 kg ECM).

3.Status and trends in the dairy sector

-Demand will continue to grow due to market recoveries and possibly will not be satisfied by milk supply. World dairy stocks are reducing and milk and feed prices will be kept at relatively high levels.

4.Dairy Sector and Chain profile for 100 countries

-The seasonality of milk production and milk prices allows a deeper insight into the monthly milk production in each country.

-The analysis of the top 10 milk processors permits an overview on the concentration of milk processing per country and also a benchmarking between countries.

Out of its 15 years history, the IFCN Dairy Report has gained importance over time being now considered as unrivalled knowledge tool and standard publication for a global understanding of dairy economics among the most important companies and institution operating in the dairy chain.

For more information on content and on sales details please contact IFCN at info@ifcndairy.org

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IFCN Dairy Report 2014 out now!

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