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IFCN Dairy Economic Workshop

The IFCN is proud to announce its first Dairy Economic Workshop. The place to be if you need to better understand the backgrounds and key drivers of the dairy market and its dynamics.

There is more about milk production than just the milk price.

The goal of this workshop is to transmit our profound knowledge of the backgrounds of the dairy market to novices in the field of dairy economics.

Learn about dairy farm economics and how to analyse them.
Learn about milk prices, pricing systems and how to understand them.
Learn about dairy markets and how to comprehend its complexity.

Learn about milk production.

Date: 28-29th April 2014
Location: Hotel Steigenberger, Kiel, Germany

For detailed information on the registration, please contact Karen

IFCN Dairy Conference in June

The IFCN Dairy Conference is THE conference for IFCN's researcher network. Dairy researchers from all over the world come together to discuss about farm related topics, world dairy market developments and the validation of IFCN data.

This researcher network makes IFCN unique and in all its uniqueness, the right to join the IFCN Dairy Conference is reserved to IFCN research partners only. 

Date: 16-18th June 2014

Location: Asiago, Italy

IFCN Supporter Conference in September

This international dairy conference obtains its exceptional character by bringing together representatives from a variety of companies on different stages of the whole dairy supply chain.

It provides an overview about the status, trends and drivers of the dairy market and helps to get an understanding of how to cope with an ever changing world.

Reasons to join:*

1. Build up your capacities of dairy knowledge.

2. Gain a global and holistic view on recent developments of the dairy sector.

3. Benefit from unique networking possibilities in a global think tank.

Curious to know, what our participants say? Have a look!

16-18th September 2014

Together with our host, TINE, the IFCN is organising the 12th IFCN Supporter Conference, taking place in Oslo, Norway:

We are experiencing exciting times in the dairy markets: EU quota end, unpredictable and volatile milk and commodity prices, changing demand patterns and everlasting uncertainties when it comes to the terms of feed. As much as these facts evoke anxiety in many peoples’ imagination, they have one great advantage: they open space for infinite opportunities. With foresight, creativity, trust and the right network, the dairy value chain can use these chances and evolve. With this in mind, this year’s IFCN Supporter Conference is devoted to

“EU quota abolition and worldwide structural change – blessing or curse? The global dairy value chain ahead of infinite opportunities”.

Details might be subject to change.

Download SC Program

*The right of participation is reserved to agribusiness partners of the IFCN only. Participation for one delegate per company is included in the membership fee.

For more information on how to become a member of IFCN Dairy Network, please contact Karen (

IFCN Presentation @ the 10th African Dairy Conference

Date: 24th Sep., 8:20 - 8:35 am
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Topic: Global dairy trends and perspectives for African dairy farming

Get the chance for a one-to-one talk with the IFCN during the whole African Dairy Conference & Exhibition.

For more information on the event, please see

IFCN Regional Workshop*

This workshop stands out owing to its regional set up uniting regional dairy experts and regional company representatives in order to understand and advance the development of the local dairy chain.

Reasons to join:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of regional specific milk production.

2. Identify opportunities and challenges for your company and institution in the specific region.

3. Benefit from a network of solution-oriented people in the dairy world and regional experts.

China – a black box for your company?

Save the date: 5-7 November 2014!

Team up with us to find solutions for China‘s increasing demand for milk, its role on the world market and milk quality & safety issues!

For more information, please contact Karen (

*The right of participation is reserved to members of the IFCN only.

IFCN Workshop @ the Eurotier

Date: 12th November

Time: 14.00 - 16.30 h

Location: Hall 2, conference area, 1st floor, Room PARIS

Join the IFCN get-together to learn and discuss about the innovative future of dairy farming.

Reasons to join:

1. Meet your friends of the unique IFCN network at this international fare
2. Get inspired for the future of dairy farming - What will be the next innovation?
3. Get the chance for a one-to-one talk with the IFCN.

For registration, please send your name, company and position in the company to Karen (

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