IFCN Dairy Report

Since 2000 the IFCN Dairy Report is published annually. In it the annual research work of the IFCN is summarized, showing the latest global dairy developments.

The IFCN Dairy Report is divided into four chapters:

Chapter 1:
Cost comparison: This chapter summarizes micro-economic results on costs, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms world-wide. To obtain a simplified picture, only 2 farm types for each country or dairy region are shown. Moreover, results from all typical farms analysed in that year are shown in overview charts.

Chapter 2:
Global monitoring: This chapter gives a broad monitoring on specific dairy issues such as milk prices, feed prices, milk : feed price ratio and also currency exchange rate developments.

Chapter 3:
In this chapter comparable country profiles are shown by having one page per country. Moreover, the key results are summarised at the beginning of the chapter via graphs or world maps.

The content is alternating every other year.

 Every even year:  Every uneven year:
 Dairy sector fact sheets, showing:  Milk production fact sheets, showing:
• Milk supply and demand developments • Milk production trends within the country
• Milk prices in relation to the world market • Dairy farm numbers and farm sizes
• Consumer prices and margins in the chain
• Dairy farm structure and its development
• Development of main demand drivers • Milk and feed price developments
• Milk processing profiles • Trends in land, beef and quota prices
•  A list of 10 major processors

Chapter 4:
Special studies: This chapter summarises special studies illustrating the IFCN work on method improvements and important studies performed.

Ordering the IFCN Dairy Report

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