IFCN feed price indicator


The IFCN feed price indicator* represents the world market price level for feed. It is based on the soybean meal price and corn price.

The arrow beneath the price indicates the direction of change from the previous month to date (e.g. green arrow: up from last month).

Price developments:

In US-$ terms: 

From April to May, the IFCN feed price indicator increased slightly in US-$ terms, by +0.6%. As in the previous month the development was driven by an increase in soybean meal prices (+4.3%), while corn decreased (-2.0%).

In € terms:

The IFCN feed price increased to a higher extent in Euro terms (+3.2%) due to exchange rate developments.

Update done:



Soybean meal: >=48% protein, Chicago future first contract forward

Corn: US No. 2 Yellow, FOB US Gulf

Calculation: IFCN feed price indicator = 0.3 kg soybean meal price + 0.7 kg corn price

Sources: Soybean meal and corn prices from IMF. Conversion of the price from US-Dollar to Euro is done with exchange rates from www.oanda.com.

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IFCN feed price indicator
May 2012
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