Is approximately:  
  Kilograms ECM  
  Gallons (US)  
  Kg Milk Solids  
  Milk composition set to ECM standards (Energy Corrected Milk, 4% fat / 3.3% protein).  
  Go here for a more accurate calculation.  

Welcome to the IFCN Dairy Network

In a rapid changing dairy world the IFCN acts as an ongoing knowledge creation system. It represents 98% of milk production volume. Via a unique combination of partnerships the IFCN represent the whole dairy chain from the farmer towards the consumers.

The IFCN Network

IFCN is offering win-win partnerships for:

- Dairy researchers
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- Students

IFCN Dairy Report

Our annual report is used as a standard reference book to understand global dairy trends and drivers. A must have for your strategic planning.

Combined IFCN world milk price indicator
November 2013
37.5 €/100kg arrow up
50.6 US-$/100kg arrow up
charts & data
IFCN world feed price indicator
November 2013
20.3 €/100kg arrow down
27.5 US-$/100kg arrow down
charts & data
The latest news & dates

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22. Nov 2013
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IFCN has officially released its IFCN Dairy Report 2013 during the FIL-IDF World Dairy Summit in Yokohama (Japan).

28. Oct 2013
On Oct. 28th, the IFCN (International Farm Comparison Network), has officially released its ...  Read more »

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