The IFCN activities are following an annual time schedule:

November to January:

Method work and year planning

February to May:

Data collection and validation

June : 

IFCN Dairy Conference

IFCN Supporter Conference

Release of the
IFCN Dairy Report
IFCN Research activities:

Farm comparison: Analysis on cost of milk production: The IFCN is working with the concept of typical farms and the model TIPICAL. This combination allows a worldwide comparison of micro-economic results like costs of milk production, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms. The variations of these result parameters over the past years and the drivers for such trends are also analysed.

Sustainability of milk production: Besides economic indicators the IFCN has developed tools to evaluate the sustainability of dairy farming systems, which also covers social and environmental indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions by different farm types.

Milk price analysis: The IFCN is analysing the global dairy commodity prices and the local farm gate milk prices. A key focus is on price transmission schemes.

Dairy chain analysis: Via different methods the IFCN is analysing the dairy value chain from the farmer through the consumer. A key focus is on the margins in the chain.

Dairy farm structure analysis: The monitoring of dairy farm numbers and farm size developments is a crucial part of the IFCN research.

Dairy sector analysis: The IFCN dairy sector model allows on national and global levels the analysis of the milk production, consumption, trade and the related drivers.

Dairy policy analysis: As policy is one of the key drivers in the dairy sector the IFCN has a set of tools to quantify the impacts of different policies.

Dairy region development: The IFCN has experience to support regional dairy development and the identification of future strategies.

New combined IFCN world milk price indicator
March 2013
35.5 €/100kg arrow up
46.0 US-$/100kg arrow up
charts & data
IFCN world feed price indicator
March 2013
27.7 €/100kg arrow up
35.9 US-$/100kg arrow up
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IFCN Dairy Report 2012 released October 17th 2012

17. Oct 2012
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10th IFCN Supporter Conference

30. Sep 2012
This year for the 10th time, leading dairy related companies came together at the IFCN Supporter...  Read more »

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